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    Move scan for non-persistent VDI


      Hi All,

      Recently we enabled the mcafee Move scan on our Non-persistent VDI.


      We have below environment

      Vmware 5.0

      Citrix Xendesktop 5.6


      Deicated and Pooled VDI


      we rae facing issue when we checked the non-persistent (Pooled) VDI my antivirus team enabled the Move scan but when i am checking on the VDi it shows me below

      Scan Configuration                              Disabled

      Driver Status                                          Driver is not loaded

      Primary server                                       NONE:9053 [Not configured]

      Secondry server                                     NONE:9053 [Not configured]

      Protection status                                   Disabled


      Not sure what is wrong as i already delted the GUID id in the master image.

      when i check the log file it says


      WSCIntegration: WSC service(WSCSVC) is not running  !!!



      but when i am cheking this service its in started status.


      Kinldy suggest for same.