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    Successful Migration, now how to ID agents that have been redirected by CNAME change?


      My server migration from 4.6x to 5.1 went off without a hitch a few weeks ago.  For background, I exchanged keys between the servers and was able to successfully migrate about 98% of my agents  to the new server and they all communicate perfectly. After powering down the original server, I added the appropriate CNAME in DNS to redirect any system that happened to come back online to the new box, and this too is working great with one caveat:


      Occasionally, one of the systems that was offline/disabled at the time of the migration IS redirected and identifies itself, but for some reason I keep getting agent communication errors in the agent log.  One thing I've noted is that the agents still list the old server as the ePO Server/Agent Handler under DNS name.  When I come across one of these, I can just deploy a new agent and overwrite the old and everything works fine.  I've confirmed the communication key exchange is/was valid.


      Is there any way in ePO to identify agents that are still looking to the old server so I can just re-deploy as a batch rather than chasing them down one-by-one?

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          Hi Mattv,


          Simple way from system tree= Selct My organization and change to " This group and sub groups option =

          >> Then sort with last communciation time, this will helps to see the machines which are not updated the communication from given time.

          >> Then, you can check with those machines are reporting to new EPO, by doing wakeup call, if there is no update, you can redeploy the agents for those machines.


          Additionally: There is a default query : " MA: Agent Communication Summary"

          You can duplicate this query and filter with last communciation for one week or  day and more as your requirement.

          >> This helps to folder those machines and then it is easier to send wake up call and then confirm those are not reporting to NEW EPO.


          I hope this will helps