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    led status front panel


      Hi All,

      where I can find the led status code of the MWG?

      we have a MWG 5500 with blinking alert led (Triangle with "!")

      On dashboard we haven't any error on this MWG...

      Do you have any suggestion before opening a SR??


      thanks a lot

      kind regards



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          more details:

          I think it is the System Status led and is blinking Amber



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            There is the Intel Diagnostic Tool, available on the Content Security Portal under Downloads --> Tools.  You should have also recieved it as a USB stick with the appliance, but is easy to create with the image available on line.  This has a full set of diagnostics that can tell you any problem about the system.  It takes a while though, so be aware that it is something you probably want to run after hours if you do not have some sort of HA or failover set up.


            There are also a series of 4 lights across the back of the system, which can give diagnostic codes.  I can't seem to find my manual that describes what each code means at the moment however.


            If you have issues, don't hesitate to call support.  They will also be the ones that will be ordering any parts needed or directing any addional troubleshooting and repairs.

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              Hi Andy,

              thanks for the answer, I have noticed that the led in rear panel (bottom left ) is blinking amber.


              if you were find the manual with diagnostics code, could you send it? thanks!


              Anyway... I'll open a SR and I'll run a dignostic tool...

              I have another question about...

              Why we don't have any error on dashboard?... or better, where we can check the health of the System Hardware? Because we have noticed the blinking led by chance...


              thanks again


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                The blinking light on the back is the same as the one on the front, and really provides not good information.  The code is indicated by 4 two-color lights right next to each other, ususally somewhere along the right side on the back of the board.  They may be off, as they only indicate issues on boot.  As far as decoding them, I would need to know the board model number, and I don't seem to have any information about what model has what board anymore.  I think you can get the model information with dmidecode or maybe dmesg at the CLI however.  I think it will start with SR or UR, but things may have changed.


                Some errors are hard to detect, and therefore present issues for reporting.  For example, a failing power supply will not present any code to the kernel, so there would need to be other methods of probing for that.  The same applies to many motherboard issues.  The SMART daemon is installed to watch for hard drive errors, but that has a limited scope.  I don't recall the name of the features that would allow monitoring the system board, but you could file a PER to have that type of data monitored as well.  Keep in mind that the data can be slow to read, and some of it probably may not be tested while the system is running, so there will be limitations there as well.

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                  Hi Andy,

                  thanks for your response,

                  I've opened a SR and the support has suggested to try to shutdown the appliance and remove power cable(s) and wait 5 minutes, re-install power cables and boot up.


                  This procedure has worked fine, now we don't have the alarm.


                  thanks for your time


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