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    Malware - Fast and Safe by GT Group


      Hi all,


      I recently found that the above had attached itself to my computer, not sure how. It generates pop ups and who knows what else.


      My Mcafee software did not identify it as a threat and I cannot remove it via "uninstall programs" through the control panel.


      Any ideas on how to get rid of this?



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          Try removing it in Safe Mode with Networking as shown here (but do NOT download Spyhunter as it suggests at the end)




          Look in the last link in my signature below and use Malwarebytes Free and AdwCleaner linked under the Free 3rd Party Tools section.


          Note: To keep Malwarebytes free of charge do NOT accept the free trial.

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            Hi Ex_Brit,


            Thanks very much for that!


            The spyware link method did not work but the link under your signature Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

            was very helpful.


            I found that Stinger and Root Tool Kit would not recognise the malware but your link to Malwarebytes was successful and this removed a whole bunch of rubbish off my comuputer that I did't even know was there, including the problem software in the opening query.


            So cheers! One clean computer


            A warning for anyone reading, I did have a very unhelpful email reply from McAfee Technical Support who basically stated that as it is malware I must have unintentionally downloaded it myself so the only way they would help was by charging for ANOTHER premium service for 42 euros. What do I pay my annual subscription to their software for????

            I was not impressed with their money grabbing 'get-out' statement so I will not be re-subscribing to their services.


            However... Ex_Brit was very helpful.





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              Glad you are fixed up OK.   An FYI: If you contacted Tech Support about an infection then they would naturally, as would all companies, guide you to the paid professional Virus Removal service because that's what they are trained to do.   All major anti-malware companies charge for that kind of service.  Some people/companies who have no time to spare find such a service useful but as you found out, there are free alternatives.  It's not money-grabbing.

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                You could have tried uninstalling the Fast and Safe program through control panel in Safe Mode with Networking.

                That would be the fastest and effective way to remove the program.

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                  Fast and Safe Removal Guide | Spyware Techie


                  This link does not work.  At least from most of the posts I've seen, this is not the problem users are encountering.  Fast and Safe shows a window following the attempted uninstall process, stating: RunDLL - There was a problem starting C:\PROGRA~3\FASTAN~1.DLL.  The specified module could not be found.  I will try safe mode and report back. 

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                    Since the OP posted this forum has moved to a new database and all the links in signatures mentioned earlier were broken.


                    Try this:  Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools especially the Chameleon suggestion for Malwarebytes Free if regular more troubleshooting fails.



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