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    False Artemis!F99B8E047C71

        We are Elex do Brasil Participa es Ltda,the file submitted is a product we produce and publish.   It is a dll file for Yac.


          However, they have encountered a false positive problem with McAfee Artemis recently.

          The reported threat name is "Artemis!F99B8E047C71" .


          Please do have a check immediately, and clear the false alarm, I have sent an email to virus_research@mcafee.com



      But, currently I do not get reply so far.



      And I also use GutSup to submit, but it popup an error say the zip file is not valid, so I am now unable to use it to submit the false positive, the pop up "Invalid GetSusp zip fie" could you give me some suggestion about this problem, I have made it a valid zip for sure, since I have submit successully before.



      Looking forward to your kindly attetion and effective solution.



      Best regards


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          Please look below my Signature (Fifth Link) and follow the Guidelines/Instructions on How to submit False Artemis!/Samples to McAfee Labs.


          Evidently, something has changed for McAfee to detect it. You should be familiar with the process/procedures as we have guided you through this on May 27th,2014. You posted again on June 17,2014, and today July 14, 2014. All posts similar to the same.


          Since McAfee has detected it as Artemis!, they are aware of it.



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