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    WG + rtsp


      Hi all,


      I'm having dfficulties to configure the WG that acts as a 'proxy' for one or more 'back-end' unicast or multicast RTSP/RTP streams (i.e., served by other server(s)).


                                                                                                                                -->      [RTSP client1]

              [back-end RTSP/RTP stream]      -->      [WG Proxy Server]                -->      [RTSP client2]


                                                                                                                               -->      [RTSP clientN]


      I've installed the Helix at the WG, but I'm not sure how to configure it to allow the client to receive the RTSP streaming.


      Thanks and Regards,


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          you can find instructions how to setup Helix Proxy on MWG in MWG Product Guide, Section 6, "Using the Helix proxy".


          Basically, you have to activate it first: service helix-proxy activate. You will have to provide an username and password for the administator account. Now you can login to the helix proxy UI via http://<MWGIP>:21774/admin/index.html, using the credentials you entered during activation. Helix proxy comes with an online help that is accessible from the helix proxy UI ("Help" in the upper right corner).


          Cya, Ed