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    False Artemis!BA2D9B7EE845


      File in Hoxhud mod for Payday 2 on steam.

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          Alot of Gamers find the HoxHud Mod in Steam/Minecraft detected.If you feel that this is a (False Detection)

          Please follow the Guidelines/Instructions below my Signature on How to submit the False Artemis!/Sample to McAfee Labs.

          (Fifth Link)


          There has even been some Game programs suggest that you turn off your (RTS). I advise vociferously not to.


          Since it has been detected as Artemis!, McAfee Labs is aware of such. However you can follow the guidelines below to submit, and upon confirmation of doing so,you will receive a Anaylsis ID #. Allow McAfee Labs the appropiate time to analyze (4-5) days.


          If not resolved by then, please post back and give us the Anaylysis ID #, and we will do our best to expedite the process.

          As you can see by the following thread Here   that the Steam Game got whitelisted after following these instructions. That is no guaruntee yours will, but quite possibly.


          All the best,



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