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    McAfee DLP Endpoint and Nisca ID card printers


      Hello Forum members,


      Was wondering if anyone has come across this particular problem.


      Recently we rolled out Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders and DLP Endpoint on our desktops.


      We have two desktops that are used for printing company ID cards connected via a USB cable to a speacilty printer that only prints ID Cards: Nisca PR5350 USB Printer.  Other printers such as our HP line of printers work fine with no problems.


      When DLP is installed on these two computers the communication between the desktop/software breaks.  In other words, if I send a test page to the printer i get a message under status that states: "Error - Printing".


      When we remove DLP Endpoint the problem goes away, I am then able to print ID cards to this printer, no problem.





      We tried creating exlucions to see if that words but the hardware does not even seem to be reporting back to the Mangement console.  I also tried using different drivers.  These printers are not networked and do not use NIC card or serial cables so I am not able to put the printer on the network as a workaround.  The printers needs to be connected via USB.


      Any ideas or suggestions would be very helpful