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    MCAFEE EERM  with Malware-proof mode (Read only option)


      Hi all,

      Have an idea concerning McAfee EERM (Endpoint Encryption For Removable Media that can be very useful for all of us!

      In fact I would like McAfee developper Team to

      1/ add Malware-proof mode (Read only option) and to McAfee EERM to secure the USB drive again.

      3/ protect against formating in case somebody who is not the owner of the usb drive (don't know the authentication information)

      2/ develop an option to integrate McAfee antivirus in the USB drive

      These options will avoid not only the USB drive to be infected by virus when we want to share data with another computer that we are not sure about the state of protection but also the USB key could not format accidentally by others users in case they don't know the password.


      Please see the following picture if you don't catch me well.

      MCAFEE EERM 2 with Read only option.PNG



      I need your idea and point of view about the subject!

      Thank you in advance!