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    ePo Server without AD




      I`m administering about 70 standalone Windows 7 clients (no active directory), conntected in one LAN. On every client MCAfee 8.8 ist installed.


      Now I`m trying to manage this McAfee installations with a new ePo Server, I`ve already installed. At this point I´m facing the problem with adding the clients to the ePo server. Am I only able to use this szenario when the client are organized in an active directory?!

      If not how will I be able to get the clients in the ePo server?


      Thanks for help!

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          All you need to do is to get the Agent installer to the local machine somehow and run it, after that it will take care of itself in communication back to the ePO server going forwards.


          Details are in the McAfee Agent Product guide, which you can download from the McAfee Service Portal if you don't already have a copy.

          This includes suggestions for deployment via login scripts, which may be applicable to your scenario.

          More recent versions of the agent & ePO also have a 'smart installer' tech where you just need to give the user a URL to click.

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            On your new ePO server, if you look in C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409\

            you will find an executable called framepkg.exe.   Running this .exe as an administrator on each client machine will add the systems into your ePO Server. 


            By far, a quicker way to accomplish this is by Clicking into your system tree and clicking the "New Systems" button.


            In the "Domain" field, simply put a period "."

            In the Username, input a local username to that system.

            In the Password, input the password for that local username.

            The period "." in the Domain field will tell the deployment app to user local credentials.




            Let us know what works for you.

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              thanks for your help!


              I tried the first hint, and installed the framepkg.exe locally on a test pc. After a while it appeared in the ePo server systemstructure.

              I also tried your hint with the automatically intecration via the "New Systems" in the ePo system tree. I could add a pc here, but the status is "not managed" at the moment. Will this change automatically after a while?


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                It may take a while.  You may check the status in your Server Task Log (Menu-Automation-Server Task Log.)

                Drill down into the "Deploy McAfee Agent" event to see if there are any issues.  If you are running a firewall or if File and Printer Sharing services are disabled on the client, you may not be able to use this method.

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                  thanks, the firewal hint was the right one for me. The managed state wasn`t changing because of blocking firewall rules on the clients. So I removed the clients from the system tree an installed the framepkg.exe locally on them.

                  After a while, the clients automatically appeared in the system tree, with the managed state!



                  now I have another problem, my software-manager looks like this:




                  could anybody please tell me why it is showing the "updates available" hint? How can I fix this?

                  In my opinion all the available updates are already checked in...



                  thank you

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                    Laszlo G

                    Hi horst, just change the Language Filter on the right from Deutsch to All and you will see the available updates

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                      just in this moment I also found the reason for the problem.


                      Thanks for your help