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    McAfee white flag with cross, saying no antivirus (Windows 7)



      First time asking a question on the McAfee forums, so sorry if this is the wrong place.

      Every time my computer starts up, there is a red cross by the white flag in the bottom right corner by my windows 7 task bar. When I click on this it tells me that my Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and something else McAfee is not turned on. I click on it, select McAfee under one of these, and click 'Turn On' (Or something of the sort), wait a minute or so and it turns on. All this time the McAfee interface works just fine. Also, when I start my computer up, I have lots of trouble connecting to my network. I put in my password and it tells me there was a problem, and I need to troubleshoot. It says that I should restart my router (due to an access point problem), and so I do, but it tells me that the problem is not fixed. One time it does not even give me the option to troubleshoot. Eventually it works. Is this a sign that I have a Virus? I was going to run 'ComboFix', but I have been advised to not do it without an expert's advice, and I don't have any. Also, when running a McAfee full scan, the scan sometimes scans one item about every 20 seconds, ridiculously slow (but then speeds up again). Also, while running a Scan earlier my PC crashed, telling me in text on a blue background, to restart my PC if this was the first time I got this, and I didn't get to read the rest, and it restarts this. Is this normal? I am running a full scan now. 13%, no problems yet. I had to replace my hard drive on a laptop before with a virus (the white flag with the cross happened then too, and it blocked my internet), which may explain why I'm a bit paranoid! Also, I have just foind out that when I try to start Paint.net up, it says 'A device attatched to the system is not functioning'.

      Thanks in advance.


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