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    Configuring Web Gateway with Squid




      I want to configure Web Gateway such that all traffic first goes through Gateway and then to Squid, apart from some exceptions which will bypass squid. This could be specified in a pac file. So, there will two layers, the inner layer being Gateway and the outer one being Squid. Is it possible to configure Gateway for this and if yes, how?

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          you can configure MWG to use Squid as a next-hop proxy. An example rule set is part of the product.


          MWG cannot read exceptions from a PAC file, you probably have to build the exceptions within MWG in rules, such as:


          URL.Destination.IP is in range          Stop Rule Set

          URL.Destination.IP is in range                    Stop Rule Set

          Always                                                                                 Stop Rule Set          Enable Next-Hop Proxy(<Squid>)


          Such a rule set would tell MWG to directly talk to and networks directly, while for all other destinations Squid will be used as a next-hop proxy.




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            Thank you Andre for the extremely quick reply, that was most helpful. I'll try doing what you said, and if I run into trouble, I will post again.

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              Instead of separate rules for every IP-Range, it could be faster to either have IP Range List, or maybe it would be also easier to put all IP Ranges into text file, and host it somewhere outside of MWG & access it via External Lists...


              P.S. another idea - extract IP ranges automatically from proxy.pac by providing filtering regex :-)

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                Thing is, I can't use IP ranges. To be more specific, I want to route traffic of certain domains through Squid and the rest needs to bypass Squid. I think the filtering regex idea sounds good.


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                  Actually the IP Range was just an example. You have several hundrets of properties you can use to decide whether Squid should be used or not.