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    ESM Active Directory Authentication


      How to Configure ESM for Active Directory Authentication


      AD Security Group - SecOps & Admin

      AD Users - Sec1, Sec2 and Admin3


      1. Allow Sec1 and Sec2 to log on to the SIEMS(ESM GUI) using their AD Credentials, and perform admin duties.
      2. Allow Admin3  to log on to the SIEMS(ESM GUI) using their AD Credentials, and view a couple dashboards

      Start with Active Directory:

      • Create Users - Sec1, Sec2 and Admin3
      • Create Groups - SECOPS & ADMIN (For clarity, use all upper case)
      • Add Sec1 & Sec2 to SECOPS Security Group
      • Add Admin3 to ADMIN Security Group

      Log on to the SIEMS(ESM Web GUI) as NGCP

      1. Open ESM properties
      2. Select Active Directory Tab
      3. Click Enable Active Directory Authentication
      4. Click Add and enter (I recommend putting two DC's in here)
        • the name of your domain - Joeslab.local or whateverdomain.com
        • Enter the IP Address of you PDC <Master Browser>
        • leave the port at 88
        • LDAP port at 3268
        • Click OK
      5. Click Users and Groups
      6. Enter NGCP Password
      7. Click  down by Groups click add. * Something that isn't in documentation...The  name must be EXACTLY the same!!!!! It's case sensitive. SecOps is not  the same as SECOPS
      8. Give the proper permissions\priviledges to the groups
      9. HAve SecOp1 one attempt to logon. They will get an error
      10. Logged in as NGCP, confir the user is a member of the proper group, and has a check next to thier name.
      11. Have SecOps try again...and BooYa!!!! you're done.