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    Why did McAfee get hung up during an update?


      Why did McAfee get hung up during an update?


      Although my laptop is now working properly, please can anyone explain what happened to it this morning? 


      As I frequently do, I left it on last night, and it was connected to the internet via wifi.  After a short period of time it shuts down and only resumes the internet connection when I touch a key.  However, this morning, the message I received was: ”This web page is not available.”  I ran troubleshooting from the Network and Sharing Center, which did not detect a problem with the wireless connection. I suspected malware or a virus, and tried to open McAfee, and received this message: ”An update is being installed. Please wait until McAfee finishes the installation of your software.”  This went on for two hours,so I shut down Windows 8.  After restarting the laptop, I clicked on McAfee and when asked, I allowed it to make changes to my hard drive. When it was finished, thankfully I had access to the internet.  Just for my peace of mind, I downloaded the latest version of Microsoft Safety Scanner, ran a full scan, and no viruses or malware was detected.


      Am I correct in assuming that McAfee may have gotten hung up during an update, because the laptop went into sleep mode?   I suppose I can disconnect from the internet prior to having the laptop go into sleep mode. But, since this has never happened before (I’ve had the laptop for 15 months) is there any other explanation? I’ve also run diagnostics, and no problems were detected.


      Thanks for your help! :-)