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    VLAN traffic in bridged mode




      Can anyone confirm if they were able to configure a bridged mode interface to pass/filter VLAN traffic.  I don't believe it is possible but want to confirm if it is possible to put the firewall in bridged mode, and pump multiple VLAN’sthrough the firewall over the bridge?


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          I think it should work if you set it up correctly.

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            We have between 6-8 VLAN’s, and we trunk those VLANs into Storage, and an ESXi, so each vlan can access their own infra in the ESXi.

            We need to put the firewall in to restrict access inbound, which we plan on doing with the mcafee and active directory / ldap authentication with the MLC’s.


            If you figure that will work, I will start building it in the lab... thanks

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              This question comes up periodically and unfortunately  I believe that this is not possible.




              Here's a response I found from a Senior Engineer:


              The firewall supports VLANs in transparent mode, but not trunks.  It supports multiple VLANs bridged together, but what you want would effectively be separate bridges for each VLAN pair.  We currently support only one bridge.  Also, the firewall would have to have an address on each VLAN, as it runs in hybrid mode with routing as well as bridging (routing to select the bridge, then bridging to select the bridge member).  I am not aware of any plans to add trunking support.


              Hope this helps,