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    More complete Error.ID listing


      Hey Everyone,


      Just wondering if anyone has access to a more complete Error.ID listing?


      This is what I have available currently:



      1. 14000 - Cannot Load Anti-Malware Engine - This is an error for when the Anti-Malware engine has failed to load.
      2. 14001 - Anti-Malware Engine Overloaded - This is an error that can occur if the AV engine is overloaded and cannot process more requests at this time.
      3. 14002 - Internal Anti-Malware Engine Error - This is for various internal AV errors. When the AV engine is unable to scan a file for some reason.
      4. 15000, 15002, 15004, 15005 - Cannot Load URL Filter - These are various URL filter errors which can happen for different reasons.
      5. 26001 - Cannot Load DLP Filter - This is an error for when you are trying to perform internal DLP and the DLP engine is not able to load.
      6. 16000 - Rule Engine Error - This error occurs when an ICAP server is unavailable.
      7. 16002 - Rule Engine Error - This error occurs when we receive an invalid response from an ICAP server.



      Specifically trying to find out if there has been an AV error defined for a full AV queue.



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          Check the online help.


          7.4.2 has these in the doc for AVs:


          14000  AVError  Error in AntivirusFilter: $reason$. 

          14001  AVScanFailedFull  Cannot call McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware engine. All connections in use. 

          14002  AVError  Internal error in Anti-Malware filter.

          14003  AVError  Timeout occurred while filtering.

          14004  AVError  Cannot filter because a special update is performed.

          14005  AVError  Scanning failed.

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            Appendix A of the product guide has a section with a full listing of all error codes and a short description of each.  The descriptions are really no more than what you have, but the list is complete.