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    Cluster Webgateway


      I have a WebGateway clustered redundancy, but I have a particular site that I want to browse only one of WebGateways have to do?

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          If by clustered you mean in a High availability mode, then all you would need to do is create a separate proxy port and not create a port redirect for it.


          For example,






          The only traffic that will be load balanced in this situation would be traffic going to port 9090 as a port redirect has been configured for this port. Ports 9091 and 8080 will not be load balanced and will only stay on the appliance.

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            Balancing the two servers is half the traffic headed one and the other half by the other, but I want a unique website that uses port 80 only comes out of the appliance by a

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              The only way I could think of pointing a specific web site to a non load balancing proxy port would be to use a Pac file in combination with the settings above.