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    Not persisting SAHU_SERVER stat data




      we are using ePO 4.6.6, McAfee Agent and are planning to Upgrade to McAfee Agent (this will go hand in hand with Upgrade ePO Server to long term Version 5.1).


      Actually we have to test wether or not we can use the Agent on Citrixterminalserver and therefor we have four machines with following Config:


      Windows Server 2003 R2, 32 bit (planning to go to Server 2008 R2, 64bit - this will take a long while and will come with actual Citrix Version then)

      McAfee Agent

      VSE (Test with VSE 8.8 Patch 2 and Scanengine 5700 will com when error message is cleared)


      Now these machines are running for some weeks without any negativ behaviour but when looking up the logfiles there is one entry we have to understand bevor go to the next step.


      Errormessages in AGENT_(...)_error.log

      2014-07-08 05:06:03.102 E #2248 ServiceMgr Error trace:

      2014-07-08 05:06:03.118 E #2248 ServiceMgr   Not persisting SAHU_SERVER stat data. It is either invalid or not running currently


      - all I find to this one ist when using ePO 5.x but these machines are running on ePO 4.6.6. Besides there are no communication errors. Server.log on ePO Server states out, the communication is working well, all Updates or changes in Policys or Tasks are getting through and are displayed correctly from ePO and locally. The System is overall UpToDate. Every product displays correct and all properties also.

      So...just ignore this one and start over with the new Testdeploymentset (this on integrates VSE 8.8P2 and Scanengine 5700)? What do you think?


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