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    NotOK NitroStop in progress


      Hi, we restarted our ESM on Friday and have now noticed that the Receiver is not receiving or collecting logs. We have an all-in-one device, and it is running 9.3.2.


      We have SSH'ed into the device and ran a NitroStopped command and received the message "NotOK NitroStop in progress". This has been like this all morning (approx 2 hours), so it doesn't appear it'll go away.


      We have previously been told by McAfee support to run the command NitroStop --nod but we get the same message back.


      We have been through logfiles, and can see that there were issues with IPSDBServer at the restart, but also that it was eventually sent a kill signal (which worked).


      We also had an issue with NSLcd.pl consuming 100% CPU Utilization, but even after killing this (hopefully that's not fatal) and the other processes got resources back, it didn't resolve the issue.


      Can anyone provide any other suggestions or troubleshooting steps?


      Is there a way to force the receiver down (past NitroStop --nod) so that at least it can start again?


      Any advice or help anyone can provide would be very appreciated.




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