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    Recommended Proxy HA configuration


      I have 3 WebGateway servers I am configuring as a Proxy HA.  I have a question about the recommended configuration for the Central Management communication, Management IP and VRRP interface.  I have each of the 3 virtual proxy appliances with 2 nic's each.  From reading the documentation it appears to me the recommended configuration is to use the 2nd nic as a "heartbeat" interface on a private vlan for internal communication between the proxy servers only.  I have configured the Central Management communication and Managemeint IP to the IP address on the 2nd NIC on each proxy and changed the VRRP interface to eth1 to put all internal communication on the 2nd NIC. 


      From talking with others there appears to be some question if this is what the documentation recommends and I am asking for any feedback so that I can configure them accordingly.  Your feedback is appreciated!