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    How can I get rid of (Ithink it is Malware) Ads By Supra Savings?


      I am using McAfee Total Protection: McAfee Securiy Center Version: 13.6, McAfee Antivirus Engine version 1941.0.


      I have ran the McAfee Stinger Scan and it Found 1 possibly infected source, C:\Users\Diana\AppData\Local Low\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache  and it was, I thought removed. But when I got back on my computer here came pop-up, after pop-up, then all types of ads and it is getting worst. I have checked my PC for anything that looks like it is a part of this  "Ads By Supra Savings" and deleted it. Now I hope you can help me. But can you tell me why McAfee Total Protection let this happen any way?  Then when I  ran the Stinger Scan and they told me it was removed but it was still there or it came back. Yes, it had to have came back, cause I could not complete a download installation from McAfee untl it was removed. So for sure it did come back. I need help so bad, these ads are a migraine. Please can someone help me get rid of these ads, and pop-ups?

      If you need any more information just let me know.   Thank you so much,


      Thanks Again,


      email removed for security...mod



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