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    EE suitable for (remote) client SSD deletion?


      Hi guys,

      Please excuse me for my bad English, as it is not my mother tongue.

      The background to my question is the following: The IT department I work at is using McAfee Endpoint Encryption (aside from other McAfee solutions) for our client notebooks since about a year now. (I’m not the one working with it, btw) Our recent Thinkpad lineup is equipped with SSDs, what makes our former HDD data shredding tool obsolete. So right now, the plan is to switch to a new corporate solution for deleting SSDs. It is required to

      a)    produce a deletion protocol

      b)    make remote wipe of our clients possible


      Now, instead of buying a new shredding tool: Can McAfee EE be used to do this? My idea was deleting the encryption key on our server, to make the data on returned notebooks (which have to be cleaned before giving them to a new employee) unrecoverable. But I don’t know if it can also remote delete client notebooks (which are part of our domain) and create a usable deletion protocol.


      Is EE suitable for this job?


      Please let me know, if I should clarify parts of my question.


      And thank you for your support and your suggestions!