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    ePo 5.1 will not refresh IP address


      We are using ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1 on a Windows 2008 R2 server.

      It was a clean install, no update.

      At out HQ we install new notebooks and threw ePo als McAfee agent and VSE.

      We use IP addresses

      We send the notebook to our other offices ( IP range ).

      We are connected by a KPN ONE network.  We can directly connect to the notebooks and the notebooks to us.

      From a notebook it is possible to telnet to the epolicy server on every port used by ePo.

      Here comes our problem.

      When I make a Ping from the ePo server to a notebook I get the right reply. No problems there.

      But when I send a Wake Up Agent to the same notebook, ePo returns with an error saying that the system is not reachable.

      Seems epo is using NetBios. We are not using that.

      EPO is trying to connect to the system on the wrong IP using the one from its own database during the installation on the notebook.

      How can I make sure the the ePo software is looking by DNS name??? Because that works.


      Any help is welcome.

      Thanks for even reading this.