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    NAT IPSec Tunnel SG560


      Hello, was wondering if anyone here could help shed some light on how to setup NAT over an IPSec tunnel on a SnapGear / CyberGuard product?  Our subnet overlaps with a subnet on the remote side and they have requested we translate our local address's to another.  I've setup many IPSec tunnels on the Snapgear / Cyberguard series but have never had to implement NAT over them. 

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          banging my head against the wall on this one... playing with source nat I am able to successfully ping devices on the other end of the tunnel with translation setup but remote can not ping my side.  anyone able to at least point me in the direction I need to go?  packet capture shows the ping orginate from the remote to the translated address and then just stop.  Engineer on remote side wants me to replace with a sonic wall, I know the snapgear should be able to do this and have to be missing something stupid. 

          thanks all for any guidance you can offer!! 

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            Hello Woodsbuggy, I came by this post as I'm attempting to achieve the same result with a SG720.  I cannot ping from either side with my current configuration.  Did you ever figure this out?  If you have and you would like to share I would be very greatful!  Thanks, Justin Bise.