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      I have only a question!

      I the future a had lot of time the Artemis Trojan message! i know is a automatic generated name for unknown programs but  my question is when i receipt the message from my EPO Server that file is deleted, is it deleted or should i check after?


      thanks in advance for your answer and i hope the question is not too stupid ....




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          No question is a stupid question to ask if there is something you do not understand.


          I do not claim to be an expert on this subject either but I belive this file has been quarantined and should pose no further problems.


          I hope someone with more expertise will chime in and give you the answer you are seeking.

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            I seen this thread earlier, however since the OP indicated "From his ePO Server, I chose to leave it be.

            Hopefully this thread from a fellow Moderator quite possibly could be helpful. One needs to simply open the thread inserted .

            Which can be found here




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