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    Default Scheme Vs Alternate Scheme Query


      Hello all,


      I have two WG-5000 appliances that service ~2500 users  and was wondering about how I have the partition sizes configured.


      Post a recent rebuit I decided (post discussions with McAfee) to flip the partition to the Alternate Scheme, therefore now giving me 40GB of space for the Cache and 188GB for /opt. This made sense to me as with this setup I am able to store considerably more log data on the physical box (aswell as rotating these logs to a Web Reporter), but also feel that 40GB for Cache seems more than enough.....


      At present however I am about a week into running with this new scheme and my Cache size is already hitting 40/45%, which is worrying me a little.


      That being the case could I query the below with you all please, and you can hopefully provide some reassurance/advice


      1. If the Cache continues to fill, what will occur if it hits 100% - is it as simple as no more caching will take place, or will it affect user traffic traversing the rule-base?
      2. Apart from Flushing the Cache, which seems counter productive to me is there anything else I can do to manage the Cache volume from growing too large?


      Any tips/tricks or advice would be appreciated.