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    ePO 5.1 : VSE not deployed to all systems


      Hi all,


      I recently installed a new ePO server, v 5.1.0, to replace our old server running 4.5.

      I created an empty ePO-environment and by AD-synchronisation, our PC's are getting a new version of the agent upon recognition. After that a client task installes a new version of VSE.

      This works fine for a great deal of our systems but on some computers the new VSE is not installed.


      When I run the client side task manually from ePO I get a failure.

      When investigating the agent-log and the mcScript.log on the client-computer I can see that the task reaches the client-computer but it does not install anything.


      When manually uninstalling the old VSE at the client-computer and then pushing it via ePO, it works!


      I would like to be able to push VSE via ePO to the clients that are missing them because i do not have the time to go by every computer.


      I have attached the agent.log and mcscript.log, hopefully someone here can tell me what is causing the VSE from not being deployed.


      Kind regards,


      Ruud - The Netherlands.