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    Discussion on rebuilding ePO


      I need your valuable suggestions on below --


      I have an ePO with 25000 agents deployed ( ePO A). Version 4.5


      I need to build a new ePO in a new server with differenet IP and Hostname (ePO B ). This should be ePO 5. 

      Move all the agents from ePO A to ePO B.

      Redeployment of agents from ePO B is not a feasible option as most of my machines are over WAN with low bandwidth and I dont want to redploy.

      I am thinking of transfer systems options.

      Can any one please explain me the procedure or any alternate ways.


      Finally I need all the new agents reporting to new ePO ( ePO B ) with latest version 5.1.



      Shanid Rahiman