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    McAfee providing WinPE ISO images


      Hi everyone,


      I imagine this issue likely has been discussed before but I thought I'd give it a shot anyways:


      I'd like McAfee to provide the WinPE ISO images that one usually has to have on hand when deploying MDE 7.x


      When I ask McAfee about this, I get a response that McAfee isn't allowed to provide these images because they contain copyrighted components from whatever version of Windows the WinPE image was created from. I get it. It's a valid point. But, here's my question to McAfee:


      Why not get the licensing straightened out with Microsoft and pass the cost on to the customer? I, for one, would not mind paying a slightly higher price for the product or for tech support if I knew that it would include the WinPE images.


      I know for a fact that McAfee for many years made a similar point about another product (the MVM appliances / images) and finally realized that customers would rather pay a little more and in return be provided proper upgrade images from McAfee.


      Has any one inside McAfee looked into what the cost of this would be? How much would the per-node cost of MDE increase in order to fund approximately 1 license of Windows per customer?