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    Can't find source for repeated attempts to load "Artemis!..." on my computer.


      I believe that I accidently allowed a trojan or worm to be loaded on my computer a couple of weeks ago. Since that time, there are at least two attempts immediately after bootup to execute files with the name "file_to_run" (followed by varying characters and parameters). These files are blocked by McAfee and I have to tell McAfee to remove them each time. The information box from McAfee says that the program is "Artemis!", which is always followed by a series of numbers. A full McAfee scan has not removed the source of these attempts, and a Malwarebytes scan did not help either. Since this occurs only when I connect to the Internet, and is always shortly after this connection, I am assuming that there is something on my computer that is loading these unwanted programs without my permission. Any thoughts or experiences related to something like this?