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    iPad App for Email Continuity?


      Is there an IOS or Android App to receive and send email from the SaaS Email Continuity system? The web interface is good but less convienent for mobile devices, such as ipad,iPhone and Galaxy Tab.

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          Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer support for mobile devices.



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            Andrew Johnson


            We have commenced development of an iPad app and Outlook Add-in that can be used for Message Continuity with McAfee SaaS Email.


            We have the protocol side down, working on all the rest at the moment.


            We also have an iPad app for McAfee SaaS Email Archive which is available on the app store.


            No guarantees on timeline -- but will update on here as they become available. Also, any input as to commercial demand assists us with our development prioritisation.


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            --Andrew Johnson