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    How do I remove Rocket?


      I recently downloaded itunes from the wrong site and found I had inadvertantly installed Rocket. I have uninstalled it from programs and made changes in my browsers but files still exist on my laptop. Now each time I use Firefox or Internet Explorer I am inundated with adverts and recommendations to optimise my PC.


      Files still exist on my computer, how do I get rid of them?

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          Peter M

          There's an excellent removal guide here:  http://malwaretips.com/blogs/rocket-search-removal/  the software recommended there is fine.


          Always, if possible, download software from the developer's website.

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            I was gonna suggest the same (Removal Guide)...Glad I checked first.

            Cuz as usual, you,re "Quick" to the Draw !

            That,s our Ex_Brit...

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              From what I have found out Rocket is a browser hijacker and can be a nuisance to get rid of.


              You may want to review some options in Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools to assist in removing this malware especially running the McAfee Stinger scan and running GetSusp also explained within. Another excellent tool to use is Malwarebytes and the free version should work just fine. Be careful that you do not download the free trial version because you do not need that version.


              Please let us know if this resolves your issue

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                Good Advice...I would add also to the suggestions to use McAfee Rootkit Remover as well. Follow the (How to use) instructions closely. For it requires  one to right click and "Run as Administrator"  Rocket is also accompanied with other various (Bundled) PUPS - Potentially Unwanted Programs. With almost "Virus-Like" traits.


                There are other similar (Removal Guides) offered as well by the Author Ex_Brit recommended. Also some of the programs listed in your suggestions,are indeed utilized in the (Removal Guide) Ex_Brit suggested. Like You suggested, all of these Superb McAfee Programs/Free Tools can be found below my Signature (Second Link) .  (Same link that you inserted)


                I might add also, it seems your intial post was duplicate? Did you by chance have to remove one of them on your end? Or is it simply Jive is acting up again on my end? I had the same thing occur just the other day myself....


                The Removal Guide Ex_Brit suggested should suffice. Just thought I would add that.


                All the Best Tom,



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                  Thanks Ex_Brit that worked . I will not make the same mistake again.