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    Family Protection admin password change


      Just loaded family protection to primary PC and a laptop. Now want to change the administrator password. Cannot find where this can be done. Help.

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          I am not familiar with the (Family Protection) feature. However I do have (Parental Contols) as part of my McAfee Total Protection Suite.

          I simply have to open (Parental Controls) and go to the "Settings " area. Which then gives me the options to edit,change password, etc.


          Can you not access this area of your Feature?  Hope fully someone whom is more familiar with the "Set-up" of Family Protection can better assist you.

          You can also go to your (Help) section of your Protection and refer to Family Protection, and it should guide you in how to achieve such.


          I forgot to ask, is this a "Stand-Alone" installed McAfee Feature?

          I did some relative searches for an answer,however none resourceful.

          Hopefully one of the fellow Moderators may be capable of assisting you. Or I recommend contacting Technical support. It is (Free)


          In addition our Forum Tech may pick up this thread and can assist you. He is most knowlegeable, however am uncertain of his hours,and since it is the weekend,hard to tell if he will be on?


          Wishing you all the Very best,





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            Peter M

            See if this is any help: TS101187

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                Saved for future Reference...