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      I just ran a scan an received a noticed to quarantine Artemis!9AFBBE9B0CB6  I didn't see anything here about the Trojan.  Is this a new version?

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          Artemis is a generic name given to unknowns.  Look in your quarantine folders to check for p;ossible clues to where it came from.


          It's quite possible that it could be a false detection so make sure what it is first.   If you need further help we need to know if you are using the home products or Enterprise/Business ones.

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            I'm getting the same thing. While "Artemis" is a generic label, are the numbers follwing it consistent? (ie, the person above has the same numbers following "Artemis" as I have, so it's the same program?)

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              That would be correct I assume this is a new detection . Do you feel it is a real detection or a false detection?


              Maybe both posters can post where the file came from and its name if so do not attach the fle here.

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                Mine was a new detection about 20 minutes or so prior to my posting. I'm operating a realtively new computer system (Windows 8.1), so I'm having a difficult time finding the source file information. I'm also new to this site and using McAfee. Here's the screen shot of the error report. Are there instructions for getting more information about this? Or, is this sufficient?


                Thank you.


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                  Ok not false detection I assume after reading this link below I would remove it not quarantine or trust it

                  See this for removal options



                  Also clear your browser caches and temp files

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                    another mod Cd (Catdaddy) suggests also

                    It also may have installed the nasty "Conduit" Toolbar as well? But the (Removal Guide ) you suggested should catch it.


                    He is having posting issues so messaged me

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                      The odd thing is that the only thing I have recently downloaded is Adobe Acrobat X (Standard Edition). I'm not sure where Search Proection would have come from. I've had a run-in with the ad-ware Conduit before...felt like it took me forever to clear it out, and I am not looking forward to a similar battle. It was a month or two ago; is there a chance I missed something? Thanks for the information!

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                        It the searchprotection PUP can come with downloads especially with toolbar addons. Follow the suggested removal and you should be ok. Re leaving bits from 2 mths ago I would have thought it would have acted up earlier by now

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                          Followed all the directions, except I couldn't find the parent progam. It may have been the one I removed before(?). However, the other malware scanners each found other tidbits, including parts of the stupid Conduit search bar (which I also had previously removed and appear to have missed these parts). I suspect there must have been a recent update that triggered the McAfee scan to identify it. There was also new "Update" software, recently added, for the program that I suspected of introducing the Conduit tool bar two months ago and which I thought I had completely removed.


                          Rescanned everything and, so far, so good. Wish me luck!


                          Thank you for your help!


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