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    Use SaaS' "Blocked Sites" in MWG policies?


      Using Hybrid setup. MWG 7.3 in-house and MCP to redirect traffic to SaaS when users are outside premises.


      If I add specific sites in the "blocked sites" section of the Web policies in SaaS, I can see them synched with my local MWG in the "Hybrid List' section.


      I would now like to be able to use the list of 'blocked sites' in the SaaS policies within a local policy on the MWG (for example, use this list instead of the default "URL Blocklist" provided with the default ruleset).


      Or maybe synch the Hybrid list of blocked sites wth a local MWG list?


      Can this be done?

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          If I understand you correctly, you have a list on the SaaS policy and you are syncing that on MWG.

          MWG hybrid list:


          Corresponding SaaS list:


          It's being blocked for the SaaS users, but you want to also utilize the same list for the MWG users?


          On MWG you can use that same list in this manner.
          First you have to determine which policy name on SaaS you want to use for the local MWG users. I'm just going to force it all to the one specific policy for "Students Policy" for sake of discussion. You will have to determine how you want the specific users to select the specific list in your environment:





          Keep in mind that this is going to be changing soon. We will be rolling out a tighter integrated Hybrid soon, where your entire policy will be able to sync from a MWG into your SaaS account...rules, lists, settings, block pages, etc. You will be able to selectively choose which rules you want by selecting them to sync like this:



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            That's exactly it!


            I was under the impression it could not be done since the Hybrid lists were not available in the lists we can chose from when building a policy.


            thanks for the answer!