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    *Unofficial* Increase In Size Of Submissions To Threat Center


      This is unofficial but we have it on authority that the following rules apply for attachments larger than 3mb.


      This will eventually be reflected on the Threat Center instruction pages here: http://vil.nai.com/vil/submit-sample.aspx



      (Re: Files larger than 3mb) You can submit the file to "virus_research@avertlabs.com" in password-protected .ZIP
      file (password: "infected").
      If you have multiple files, then you may need to send multiple emails to the above
      For instance, if you have 2 files that are individually 2MB in size, you will need
      to send those files separately as sending them together would exceed the 3MB limit.
      If you have one file that is over 3MB in size, you can send that file and we will
      process it manually.
      However, if you send that file, and other files within the same submission, you will
      be asked to resubmit.
      Example: If you got 5 files, file 1.exe is 10MB, file 2.exe is 200kb, file 3.exe is
      2MB, file 4.dll is 100kb, and file 5.sys is 500 kb. Total they will be 12.8 MB in
      But you could send the 1.exe file separately, and the other 4 files in another
      email submission and we would only have to process the 10MB file manually.



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