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    McAfee EEPC - PBA logon screen flashes briefly then machine reboots and repeats - Dell Latitude E6440


      Hi there


      Problem Description: We are deploying Windows 7 onto Dell latitude E6440 laptops. After build is complete we reboot (only after encryption has begun) - the laptops then show the dell splash screen (white circle) then the McAfee PBA screen flashes up for a second, then the machine reboots, and it continually repeats this process, dell splash screen, McAfee PBA for a second, reboot, and so on.


      We use McAfee Endpoint Encryption v7.0.1 on a mixture of Lenovo and Dell machines.


      We have acquired some Dell Latitude E6440 laptops, and are having problems with EEPC which we haven't seen before on any Dell (5440/5540) or Lenovo (T410/20/30) laptops.


      First of all, the disk models:


      1) Magnetic SED drive - Seagate ST500L015-1DJ142


      2) SSD / SED drive - Liteon LMT-256 M6M


      We have had limited success with the E6440 with the magentic disk; we have managed to build it once with software encryption and once with hardware encryption, both times the PBA screen loads with no problems and we are able to enter our credentials, then boot into Windows. However on two other occasions with software encryption policy set against the machine, it suffered from the problem described above.


      On the E6440 with the SSD/SED drive, the problem has occured every time after build.


      We are using the latest available Dell driver pack for this model of laptop. BIOS versions are the latest.


      We have tried changing SATA config to each available option, made no difference.


      Anyone encountered this?


      I haven't found anything helpful online, other than a McAfee KB article which covered a similar issue but on an older Compaq machine, anyway the solution didn't work in this instance.


      Is there some extra disk configuration required for SED and/or SED/SSD drives where McAfee EEPC is concerned?


      Hoping someone has encountered this before.


      Best regards