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    Move 3.0 extension not compatible with ePO 5.10


      Am suspecting this issue is something really obvious....


      Trying to check in the MOVE-AV-AL_EXT_3.0.0 extension into ePO 5.10 build 509 and getting the error below. I've managed to check the extension into another nearly identical server (same build version etc.) so it must be something missing on this server. I know MOVE 3 is on the compatibility charts for ePO 5.10.


      Anyone seen this before?





      Name:  MVAGNTLS3000 


      Product:  MOVE-AV 

      Details:  Copyright (c) 2013 McAfee, Inc. All rights reserved. 

      Signed by:  Signed by McAfee product certificate 

      Requires:  •core









      Error:  •Extension MVAGNTLS3000, version is not compatible with this version of ePolicy Orchestrator.


      Many thanks