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    Connections spammed


      Hi all I have this problem where my pc is sometimes VERY slow. One time it would've tooken 2 hours to download a 30mb download! When I checked my security history, mcafee started blocking incoming connections since starting june 23. Also, it says it has blocked 3525 connections. Come to know, most of the connections were my own ip adress! However I did come around when searching through my history IP's from different areas. I even looked up one of the IPs and found out it was located in amazon head quarters! Well, to investigate more, I went to more virus information and I found most of these connections blocked were trojans and programs! Well, I am currently looking for solution because my pc has been being slow and fast everyday now. Because of this, I can only use computers at certain times of the day. Any ideas?



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          May I ask what McAfee Suite you are running? How long have you been experiencing these issues?

          It may be that you need to contact Technical Support, it is available 24/7 and Free. You can locate the link in order to do so below my Signature/or under "UsefulLinks" at the top of this page.


          Try running Malwarebytes (Free) which is listed below my Signature (Second Link) Download and save to your desktop/Close all applications/Browsers. Do not accept the Trial offer or activate the (Pro) Version as it may clash with McAfee.  The (Free) Version will suffice.


          After running a "Threat Scan", Delete/Remove any detections found,and restart to complete the process.

          Should the case be that this does not help, I would proceed to contact TS.


          Please post back your results.


          All the Very Best,



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            A slow PC or a slow internet connection? You imply the slowness is to do with data downloads, so let's start with the upload/download and work back from there.


            Use one of the network monitoring tools like Speedguide to get figures for up/down speeds and compare them with what your ISP says you should be getting. Sometimes an ISP will throttle traffic for a heavy user; or you may be in a part of the country wth less-developed network infrastructure.


            Blocked incoming connections are no big deal. They were blocked, after all. You can tell the firewall to allow connections from certain trusted IP addresses or address ranges (McAfee and Microsoft are the usual ones to allow). Don't get too spooked by what websites say about certain port numbers being associated with malware atacks : those ports shouldn't be open anyway. Set the firewall to Stealth if you want a little extra security, and use the Speedguide port scanner to see what ports you have open.


            If network speeds are not the problem a slow PC could be caused by something to do with hardware or software. Let's get the network side of things out of the way first.

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              Well, my pc always seem to buffer when streaming videos as well. But the buffering and the slow loading speeds are not consistent. They seem to happen randomly when I least expect it. The only reason I was freaked out is because my brother's pc also has the same mcafee and he only had 70 blocked connections ever since he had it installed 2012.

              I did a test it showed 64 bytes take 68 ms and and we use bright house lightning 90.


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                Thanks for the advice. Before I do it however I'll tell you that my mcafee is mcafee antivirus plus which is the corporate version. These connection blockings started in June 23 and has been doing it ever since. I saw other forum post with people having problems like this but don't seem to experience the slow

                downloading speeds and buffering videos.


                Also, I'm just wondering why my own ip adresses are being blocked? I even saw this weird ip blocked that started with fe80:: ?


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                  A question:  you stated "mcafee antivirus plus which is the corporate version", antivirus plus is the consumer version actually but are you using it in a Corporate environment?  If so, you may be behind a corporate firewall.


                  BTW we all have thousands of blocked incoming connections recorded.  It only mean the firewall is doing its job and is nothing to be concerned about.




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                    Ok thanks you guys reply. So, all those connections blocked are nothing to worry about? Well, I am going to to find about the slow speeds then....



                    ALSO, I forgot to say is that when my dad uses his harddrive in thr same computer it is very slow too. My brother has a different computer and his is a lot faster and uses the the same modem.... So could it be the hardware of the computer maybe?




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                      If you can rule out external sources, and still can't fathom out what's causing it there is always Technical Support.  It's free of charge by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                        Well, we are getting new computers pretty soon and are going to do wired connection to a modem instead. But before that I'll probably contact technical support and try malware.


                        One last thing is that when my dad restarted our modem, are computer was SO much faster but then got slow again the following day.


                        Thanks for the support you guys☺


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                          Good luck ;-)

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