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    Total Protection problem?


      On 5/11/14 I renewed my account and up graded to Total Protection.  There is NO Netguard showing with this product on my computer. Since this change I am not able to connect to my account at Macy's.com (  https://www.macys.com/signin/index.ognc?cm_sp=navigation-_-top_nav-_-signin  )   get an error message saying site is down for mainainence (for 2 months???) - according to Macy's nothing is wrong with the site and friends who shop there report no problems.  I've tried every thing I can think of - and have researched this several places - to no avail.  Can not find any where where this site might be blocked.


      I use Windows 8.1 and usually use FireFox (now the most recent version) and have tried IE and Chrome with the same results.


      Any idea how to resolve this?

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          Hi Deborah,


          I use McAfee Live Safe - Internet Security but I think the user interface is very similar.


          When you open your software do you have the option View Firewall and Anti Spam Settings?


          Click on Firewall and then look towards the right sliding bar and slide it downwards


          There should be an option that says Netguard....Open that up and check the box Turn On Netguard




          Let us know if this resolves your issue

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            Thanks for the suggestion k3tg .... but 1- there is no right slide bar on this installation and 2 - no Netguard option anywhere that I can find. The only things that show when I click on Firewall are the on/off button and "restore defaults" (which I have done). 

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              Hi Deborah,


                          I have McAfee Total Protection as well. As a matter of fact was just upgraded to the latest Version/Build today. (13.6.953). You mentioned that you renewed your subscription recently and (Upgraded). May I ask you what McAfee Suite you were running before upgrading?


                             In addition, did you allow it to lapse before renewing? If not then there seems to be a "Corrupt Installation". Can you access your account,and check to see if you have any other Protection running,such as your last suite? I am asking these questions to narrow down the causes/issues you are experiencing.


                              When selecting Firewall in MTP, you should see a list of the following:


              1-Traffic Controller

              2-Smart Advice and Settings

              3-Firewall History

              4-Internet Connections for Programs

              5-My Network Connecctions

              6-Ports and System Services

              7- Intrusion Detection

              8-Net Guard


              Please confirm if you indeed see the following listed above. Net Guard should be turned on by Default.

              If these Features are not present,and you have not the capability to access them. My suggestion would be to contact Technical Support immediately.


              You can do so 24/7 and it is free. You can locate the link below my Signature,or under "Useful Links " at the Top of this page. Please post back your results. You may ask a Technician to check your account also, to make certain your prior subscription has been cleared from your account.


              For something is definitely not right. I would suggest that you do a Clean Uninstall/Reinstall by following the instructions below my Signature.However I think it is best you make certain that you have no "Account" issues.


              All the very best,



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                CD has the right idea when you upgrade and do so frpm another program ie internet security to say total protection you hav eto do it correctly. The way to do it is remove the old version as per the link in My and Cd's signature especia;;y running MCPR re,oval tool and install the new program,. What I assume is happening and why you cannot see what Tom asked is the rest of the firewall options are missing or more likely greyed out due to the removal leaving bits of the old program onboard..

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                  Thanks catdaddy.  I was using Security Suite which was already installed when I got this computer and it had not expired when I renewed and upgraded.  According to my McAfee account only Total Protection is in use .... and that's also what my list of programs on my computer says.  But I do not have that list of items under the firewall tab/button. 


                  I will contact tech support in the morning - thanks for your help! 

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                    But did you uninstall it using windows control panel program and features followed by the mcpr removal tool then reboot? Reinstall and things should be fine

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                      Hi Deborah,


                      Follow below instructions to see what Security features are currently installed on your PC and other Features that are available to download.


                      Open McAfee User Interface > Click on Navigation at the top right > Select Features on left pane. You will find Features currently installed and other features available for download.


                      Check if McAfee Personal Firewall is listed in the Available features and post back..!

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                        Yes Peacekeeper now I have done an uninstall, MCPR removal, and reinstall.  Thanks very much for your help .... all seems to be in order now with all features of Total Protection showing and I can now access the blocked site    I appreciate all the very helpful information given by you and all the other moderators.

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                          We are glad that everything has worked out for you