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    Feedback File generation


      Hi All,


      I was just wondering what the "Pause running McAfee Web Gateway to create a backtrace" option in the feedback section means?

      What does it pause particularly? And is this service affecting?




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          Hi philiprey,


          yes you are correct: If the Checkbox is marked, the feedbackfile generation script will do a service stop, collect the data and afterwards service restart of the MWG processes and yes this is impacting the service if you only have one MWG and not using Proxy HA for example.


          Best Regards


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            Jon Scholten

            Philip and Stefan,


            This is not completley correct. Pausing the running MWG to perform a backtrace will *not* stop the service.


            Pausing the service simply means that MWG will attempt to gather information about the running MWG service. Under extreme circumstances does this ever cause user interuption.


            Under normal circumstances this should not cause any interuption to users.


            I think Stefan might be thinking of another process related to core files.




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              Yep i mixed it up, feedback will in most cases not cause interuption! Thanks Jon!

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                Hi guys,


                I see that this "pause" means it will gather information on all services including those that currently running as well. But this doesnt necessarily mean it would stop and restart the said services. Is this correct?


                What are the rarest cases where it could cause interruptions? Just for info. Thanks!