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    False Artemis!2383869cb539




      This comes up as a potential threat and just want to make sure. I'm on a PC with Windows 7.

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          May I ask what program you were trying to access when McAfee prompted you? If you feel the program is safe,but not for certain. You can always submit a sample to McAfee Labs for analysis. You can find the Guidelines/Instructions below my Signature (Fifth Link)


          Please save your Analysis ID #  for future reference.


          All the best,

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            You can also submit the file to www.virustotal.com and see what the 50 or so scanners there say.

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              I was just doing a full scan in McAfee and it came up as a potential threat....want to know whether I should trust it or quarantine it.

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                Okay, You can do several things.

                Evidently, you seem to think this is a "Safe" Program even as McAfee detects it as a (PUP) it seems,or as you first stated Artemis!2383869cb539. I hope you have Quarantined it. As PeaceKeeper stated above in Post # 2, you can establish even more if the said detection is indeed possibly harmful to your computer, by checking it against the Scan Engines of Other security Programs on Virus Total.


                I always go with the heavyweights like McAfee/Microsoft/Kasperky, etc.. Anything above several detected names, worries me. If you had already chosen to follow the Guidelines/instructions as I suggested and possibly had run the Getsusp Tool. It would had sent it to McAfee Labs.


                If you quarantined it, you can open your McAfee Security Center,Click on Navigation,then "Quarantined and Trusted" items. Check for the detections then select all, and delete.


                You can follow up by installing Malwarebytes (Free) only. Which can be found below my signature (Second Link). Do not accept the (Free) Trial or activate. Download and save to your desktop, close all applications/browsers and then install and run.


                Any Items detected, select and remove/Restart your Machine.


                Please post back your results...