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    How to remove Generic PUP.y without downloading a new programm


      Dear Community,


      So my McAfee Security Scan  noticed this Trojan : Generic PUP.y !

      And since then like every 5sec a message pops up and says: blocked a potentially unwanted program!

      And then I can click "remove" or "close". And when I click remove it says I have to do it manuell! McAfee won't delete it!

      And now I have no idea how to remove it manuell?!

      And then I searched for the resolution on the internet and found two ways to do i:


      1st one I extra had to download an file to remove it! And I don't want to extra download a file! I want to do it manuell by my self.

      SO PLEASE: D o not respond with links to download stuff!


      And the 2st one I had to deinstall the "Settings Manager" from "Aztec Media Inc".But when I click deinstall it says:

      "You do not have sufficient privileges to uninstall Settings Manager. And if they turn to the system administrator"

      And now I don't know what to do or how to get the sufficient privileges! I just hate it!

      Cuz I really want do get rid of this Trojan!



      So please can someone help me?

      Kind Regards mrsphiladelphia


      P.s sorry for my bad english