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    MCPService.exe in McAfee Client Proxy ZIP ?


      Was reading the MCP 1.1 documentation, on Page 14, where the instructions are provided to download and install the software we can read:


      Download and install the product files

      Download the McAfee Client Proxy product files from the McAfee Content & Cloud Security Portal and

      install them on the administrator operating system.



      1 Download the product files.

      a Log on to the operating system as an administrator.

      b Go to the McAfee Content & Cloud Security Portal.

      c Enter your user name and password, then click Login.

      d Select Software | McAfee Web Gateway | Tools | McAfee Client Proxy.

      e Select and save the .zip file for your operating system.


      2 Install the product files.

      a Run the MCPService.exe file.

      b Follow the on‑screen prompts to complete the installation.


      Only problem is, MCPService.exe is nowhere to be found in the downloaded ZIP file?