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    Decrypt_Instruction Malware


      From yesterday all the systems in our company is infected with malware which produce some files in all accessed folders with  DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION (.TXT/.HTML/.URL/???) names.


      I search through internet and so many sites called it Cryptowall , and the instructions for removal is to download some removal tools and system restore, which i think the removals and those sites is not reliable.


      is there any removal tools or patches and/or any instructions of  removing  this malware Manualy from trusted McAfee ?


      best regards

      2014 June 06


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          Peter M

          What McAfee software are you using please?   So I can direct this correctly.  For now I have moved it out of Community Help (nothing to do with this subject) and put it in Malware Discussion > Corporate User Assistance.


          Instruct your staff not to click on Advertisements on any websites and make sure that all machines operating systems are totally up to date in ALL aspects, especially all browsers, including any you may not use, and their add-ons, in particular Adobe Flash and Shockwave players, Reader and Java.


          Run MalwareBytes Free, linked in the last link in my signature below.   That will only get rid of Cryptowall, it will not recover encrypted files.


          If this was a personal computer I would recommend running Hijhackthis and posting its log as instructed near the end of that last link mentioned previously.  Those specialist forums are expert in these matters.


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            Peter M

            I just realised where the OP is posting from; Iran.  That means we can't offer support due to US Government Embargoes.


            See here:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1239



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              Thanks for the "Heads-up" Ex_Brit....