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    Migrate policies from ePO's to Agent Handlers


      Hi all,


      I'm deploying McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (last versions) in a customer that already has 3 ePO servers (one 4.5 and two 4.0) but we want to use only one ePO and three Agent Handlers (each one corresponding to an old ePO).


      For that I will perform the following procedures, according to another discussion here in the community:


      "-Migrate agents from ePO 4.5 to 4.6 or 5.x using the Transfer Sytems option (i.e. no need to deploy McAfee Agent again)


      - As for ePO 4.0 there's no such option so I will upgrade it to ePO 4.5/4.6 and then transfer systems"




      My doubt now is that, as I will use 3 agent handlers (each one corresponding to an old ePO) in the new ePO 5.1 , how do I migrate the policies and configurations from each old ePO and assign them to the corresponding Agent Handler in the new ePO?



      Thank you!!