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    10.2.8 - SSL Portal Certificate Update Question


      We updated our SSL Portal certificate on 6/19.  We are running 10.2.8.  Based on the notes, there is not action required for iOS7+ devices.

      We brought IIS back up after the update and are able to register new devices and they are receiving the updated certificate which is set to expire on June 27th, 2015.


      We have nearly 4000 devices and was very happy to see this patch introduced to prevent re-enrollment, however, as I look at my iOS 7.1.1 iPhone 5S it still shows the cert that is set to expire on June 27th, 2014.  My concern is that no devices that didn't re-enroll are still showing the 2014 certificate vs the 2015 certificate.  With less than a week before expiration, why aren't these certificates updating on the devices?  Shouldn't I be able to go to Settings -> General -> Profiles and from either the MDM or EA profile tap More Details and see the 2015 certificate listed rather than the 2014 certificate?  I thought it might just take some time to update, but it's now 2 days later.  McAfee help!  I have an open ticket with support, but my initial phone call was pretty worthless as the tech had no idea about the 10.2.8 patch to begin with until I led her to the documenation.