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    Cannot find Trojan


      Hello so i recently just got Mcafee for my windows 8 computer, I recently did a scan and it detected a trojan.  When i tried to quarantine it it didnt work and would not let me try again.  I dont know if i clicked the wrong thing afterwords, but I tried scanning my computer twice after that and it was not able to detect it again. Does mcafee have a history of all bad files it has detected?  Or is there another way for me to find out what the file was so i can get rid of it?.  It would be appreciated if anyone can help.

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          Hi Starch,

                 Welcome to the McAfee Communities. If McAfee detected something, it most likely Quarantined it. You can Open your McAfee UI- ( McAfee Security Center) and click on (Navigation) and scroll down to (Quarantined Items) and open to see what has been detected. Also any Potentially Unwanted Programs.


                   You may then select the items Detected/or select all and choose to delete. The I recommend restarting to completely remove any remnants of said such. You can the run a "On Demand Scan" to check if all has been removed.



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            Peter M

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              It seems that while I was attempting to add additional advice, the post was being moved. You can also Download/Install "Malwarebytes-Anti Malware" (Free Version) only. Do not accept the (Free Trial) or activate the (Paid) Version. The (Free Version ) will suffice.


              You can locate the Download below my Signature(Second Link)...




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