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    mcinst cleanup


      I am not sure if I am in the right place for this issue.

      My windows defenter keeps flagging the following:

      program name unknown.










      Not Yet Cassified


      Is this the Mcafee cleanup program or suspicious file?

      It asks me to accept or deny the changes.

      I am concerned because it does not say Mcafee anywhere.


      I would appreciate any assistance.

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          This is a McAfee Process. Evidently you have had a Update/or Upgrade Build change. May I ask what OS are running? Windows Defender is compatible with McAfee in Windows 7 Sp1, However Windows 8/8.1 it is not.


          This process normally shuts itself off, after completing it,s task.


          Have you noticed any Version changes occur recently? For I just replied to your other thread HERE in regards that your system was running fine? What Version or McAfee Suite do you have?






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            I had this message from Windows Defender after every McAfee update (on XP only). mcinst.exe is a genuine McAfee program, and I had to approve it every time to Windows Defender because the name (with all those numbers in front of it) is different every time.


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              It's the installer cleanup file, just cleans up after any installation, update etc.

              Not seeing that here but then I don't have XP nor do I routinely run a WD scan.


              As a precaution I would run some extra tools, such as MalwareBytes Free and/or AdwCleaner, all listed in the last link in my signature below.


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                My apologies. My system is running fine, but I just was not sure about this file and I thought I would have to open a new topic.

                My OS is Vista.

                Mcafee Security Center version 12.8.

                Mcafee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware verson 16.8

                Mcafee Firewall version 13.8


                Yes you are right. there was an update the same day that file came in.

                I wish the Mcafee name would be on the program being flagged.

                Thanks Again.

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                  No reason to apologise dspin,  so we can consider this thread "Assumed Answered"?



                  Wishing All the Best,

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                    It's possible it is/was a wrong detection of course and it is/was after all a temporary file and as such can easily be deleted.

                    If you ever get a mystery file like that again follow the Hijackthis advice further down the last link in my signature below. 

                    It takes a while for those specialist forums to get back to you, but often worth the wait for the insight they give.





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                      I might add also, the primary reason I asked you What Version of McAfee you were running, is that when you mentioned that process. Since the (13.6.953) Version is now being throttled out to Consumers, I thought that it had possibly upgraded your Version. Hence Windows Defender possibly detected (Changes) being made to your system.


                      I as Ex_Brit have never experienced such, for I seldom utilize Windows Defender. Of course with you running Vista , Windows Defender is compatible with McAfee.As it is in Windows 7, Unlike it is in Windows 8/8.1, which it is not. Your Version seems to be the latest, until you recieve your UpGrade.


                      Also the advice Ex_Brit gave you is indeed superb. That Forum really is comprised of "Specialists"

                      Wishing you the very best,and if you should need us again,please do not hesitate to let us know.




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                        Thank You Catdaddy and Ex_Brit. You gave me some very useful information.