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    Organization M&A - Strategies?


      Hiya All!


      I am planning to prepare a charter for potential acquisition of another organization. Another organization in this case may not have McAfee.


      We will plan to have them shift over to McAfee VSE on their endpoints. What i would look at this stage is the strategies and approaches that can be taken (as options to be given to management):


      Major points to note are :

      1. We would like to have them secured by the VSE installation before they come in our domain, however, we have ePO and Agent handlers completely inside the network, and there could be some time between their endpoints getting the VSE and us having a network connectivity with them.


      2. We have enough licenses to cover them.


      Considering these points, what would be the best steps?


      please ask me any relevant questions for me to help propose the better options to management. Thanks!!


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